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DUI Lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina

DUI Lawyer in Columbia & Chesterfield

Whether you were out in Columbia or Chesterfield with friends, at a party, or celebrating with loved ones, being arrested for a DUI can be a stressful experience -especially if you have to appear in court within a few days. You may also have concerns about your ability to drive.  Our DUI lawyers in Columbia and Chesterfield understand the anxiety you may be experiencing. We can put your mind more at ease as we explain the court process and how we can defend your DUI charge.

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Underage Drinking Lawyer in Columbia, SC

Underage Drinking Attorney in Columbia & Chesterfield

We get calls from concerned parents because their teenage son or daughter received an underage drinking ticket while attending a concert or tailgating at a football game in Columbia. Parents recognize the importance of a clean criminal record and they don’t want their children’s future to be tarnished by an underage drinking charge for the rest of their lives. At Li Law Firm, our underage drinking lawyers use their skills to try to keep your child’s record clean.

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Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Columbia, SC

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Columbia & Chesterfield

If you have been charged with speeding or a traffic violation, taking action by talking to a lawyer is your best choice. Many drivers believe that pleading guilty or paying the fine is best move. However, if you fail to resolve these issues, you may be facing fines, restrictions on your ability to drive, and higher insurance rates. Before you decide what to do about your ticket, contact our office in Columbia or Chesterfield for a free consultation.

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