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Drug Defense Lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina

Drug Crimes Lawyer in Columbia & Chesterfield

As a criminal lawyer in Columbia and Chesterfield, SC, it’s Victor Li’s job to protect your rights when you’re accused of a crime. If you’re found guilty of a drug crime, you face fines, probation and even jail time. If you’ve been charged with drug possession, intent to distribute or drug trafficking, our drug crimes attorney in Columbia and Chesterfield, South Carolina can explain your legal options, defend you in court, and attempt to negotiate a plea agreement with prosecutors.

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Computer Crimes Lawyer in Columbia, SC

Computer Crimes Attorney in Columbia & Chesterfield

Most computer or internet crimes (also referred to as cyber crimes) are prosecuted as felonies and come with substantial jail or prison time. Computer, Cyber and Internet crimes can be traditional crimes using the computer as an instrument for embezzlement, fraud, identity theft, stalking, scams, and more. There are also computer crimes such as computer hacking, phishing, pharming, software piracy, etc. If you’ve been charged with a computer crime in or near Columbia or Chesterfield, South Carolina, then call the Li Law Firm, LLC today.

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Criminal Attorney in Columbia, SC

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Columbia & Chesterfield

Criminal Defense Attorney Victor Li is prepared to handle all types of criminal charges, including violent and non-violent offenses, sex offenses, domestic violent offenses, white collar crimes, and weapons charges. He will investigate and find the flaws in the prosecution’s case and do everything possible to protect you. During plea negotiations, Mr. Li will be your champion and make sure your rights are defended and your best interests are represented.

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