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We’re criminal lawyers who will protect your rights and your freedom by standing between you and the prosecution if you’re accused of a crime.

Criminal Attorneys in Columbia & Chesterfield

At Li Law Firm, LLC, we know that hiring the right criminal defense lawyer in Columbia or Chesterfield, South Carolina makes all the difference. Your freedom, your reputation, and your future are on the line.

Injury Attorneys in Columbia & Chesterfield

With so much at risk, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows the law, the system, and how to protect your rights. In other words, when you’re been in a serious criminal charges, you deserve the best legal representation.



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Victor Li


As a former prosecutor for Richland County, Victor Li leverages his unique experience in criminal law to provide you with top-notch criminal defense services.

Bridget Brown


As a former Assistant Public Defender for Richland County, Bridget has always been passionate about criminal defense work, and remains committed to defending people’s rights in various areas of the law.


If you need a criminal defense attorney in Columbia or Chesterfield, South Carolina, look no further than Li Law Firm.

Columbia, SC Criminal Lawyer

As criminal lawyers in Columbia & Chesterfield, SC, it’s our job to protect your rights when you’re accused of a crime. South Carolina’s criminal justice system can be confusing and unforgiving. We understand what you’re facing and that’s why we’re here to listen to your concerns, understand your needs, and to give you practical solutions. Whatever the criminal charge may be, you’ll need an experienced criminal lawyer in Columbia or Chesterfield on your side – you’ll need the Law Offices of Victor Li.

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Columbia, SC Criminal Attorney

A DUI in South Carolina is a very serious charge — even for a first offense DUI conviction. Besides losing your license to drive and going to jail, having a DUI on your record may also impact your job.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in or near Columbia or Chesterfield, South Carolina, then you need an experienced DUI attorney to to get this off your record by finding the right solution for your case.

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